Note to myself: Don't be lazy

Back in October 2012 I wrote two blog posts, getUserMedia part 1 and part 2, including demos which unfortunately would run in Firefox, only. I did not explicitly want to be exclusive but I think I just did not feel like looking up why my code did not work in Opera and why exactly webkitGetUserMedia() behaved differently than mozGetUserMedia(). I was being lazy.

I also intended to mix in a couple of nice JavaScript features, like block-scoped variable definitions with let, destructuring assignments or Sets (did I just do it again?). In hindsight this does not really make sense as I should not expect visitors to want to learn about cutting-edge JavaScript features when viewing a getUserMedia() post.

Before finishing my third piece on getUserMedia() I decided to update the demos of my older posts to run in any modern browser. I also seized the chance to overhaul code examples which did not adhere to my coding standards anymore.

If you should ever be in a similar situation - please take a couple of minutes to write code that runs in all modern browsers so people can enjoy your demos in their browser of choice. Please don’t be lazy.